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Join us & help expectant mothers reduce the potential of having stillborn babies by atleast 50%!

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[ Our products ]

Innovative Product Packages We Offer To Our Retailers

Considering these facts, we have come forward with the creation that may help mothers avoid these mishappenings.

One Baby Alarm + Three Bras + Three Panties
Sales Price - £220.00 excluding VAT

Retail Price - £165 excluding VAT

ORO Latex Pillow with Baby Alarm & 2 silk pillowcases
3 Bras + 3 Panties +One Baby Alarm +1 Latex Pillow + 2 Pillowcases
Sales Price £400.00 excluding VAT

Retail Price - £300 excluding VAT

The 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk Pillowcase That Work While You Sleep!
Anti-Aging - 43% less friction than cotton, Anti Sleep Crease - more delicate on skin by 47%Anti-Dust Mites - eliminate allergies caused by dust mites. Hypoallergenic, Anti-Bacterial & Non-IrritatingHelps your skin retain moisture. Gentler on your hair than cottonNatural body temperature regulator Better Hair, Glowing Skin, Enhanced Sleep & Reduced Wrinkles
For the ultimate sleeping experience, we have paired the ORO 2in1, 100% Latex Pillow with 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk Pillowcase
ORO 3FT Latex Mattress with Pressure Relief Comfort Recess & ORO Baby Alarm package
One Latex MattressOne Mattress CoverOne Thick Pad + Two Pad CasesOne Thin Pad + Two Pad CasesOne Thick Pillow + two PillowcasesOne Thin Pillow + two PillowcasesTwo Fitted SheetsORO Alarm Baby Package

Sales Price - £2220.00 excluding VAT

Retail Price - £ 1820 excluding VAT

How is the ORO Advanced Latex Mattress different to other Mattresses?
Why are Standard Mattresses only OK for back sleepers but not so good for side sleepers? There are a lot of different mattresses that claim to cure back pain and improve the quality of sleep. While some of these are good, the reality is that they just don’t go far enough. For example, even with the best quality memory foam mattress, the sleeper will sink into it. However, the body's weight will still be on the shoulder, and the shoulders will still be in the wrong position exacerbating any back problems they are already experiencing. The ORO Mattress, with its Pressure Relief Comfort Recess, will resolve both issues and is the key to its effectiveness of the ORO Mattress. The difference is so profound that most people who try it see an instant improvement and often experience what they describe as the best night’s sleep they’ve ever had. This is especially relevant to all expectant mothers.


Gold Medal


International Recognition

At the 31st International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the CEO of OROMED Int. was awarded a Diploma and Gold Medal for Design and Innovation of the ORO Sleep System.


Our Patents

International patents have been granted for ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed & Latex mattress with their unique Pressure Relief Comfort Recess.

US Patent

EU Patent

Japanese Patent

UK Patents

[ About us ]

Who We Are

OROMED is the manufacturer of a unique patented range of products that provide solutions to sleep-related problems, and our flagship Baby Alarm could help expectant mothers reduce the potential of having stillborn babies by half.

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We offer thirty days trial and a 100% money-back guarantee, free delivery to 190 countries, and if the customer wishes to return the goods for a refund, they can contact our shipping service provider and send it back to us, they will pay for the shipping. We are using Pay Pal services, which provide additional security to all our Retailers and their Customers in case of refunds. Meaning that there is no financial risk to any of them.

Some Research Backed Facts:

In the UK, Stillbirths and miscarriages are a tragedy for mothers and the whole family. Research suggests that out of one million pregnancies in the UK, 25% end up in babies' deaths before birth. In the US, the estimated number of pregnancies is over 6,000,000 with 22.000 stillborn babies, and worldwide, there are over 6.5 million stillborn babies yearly.

[ How It Works ]

How We Work With Our Retailers

No set up fees, no hidden fees at all! Our happy retailers source items from our great selection of packages and make profits.

1. Transparent Partnership Approach
We believe in fostering strong and transparent partnerships with our retailers. That's why we have a no set-up fee and absolutely no hidden fees policy. Our retailers can trust that they will only pay for the products they choose from our great selection of packages, ensuring a straightforward and fair business relationship.
2. Diverse and Attractive Product Selection
We take pride in curating a diverse and attractive range of products in our packages. Our retailers have access to a wide variety of items that cater to different customer preferences and market trends. With a carefully chosen assortment, our retailers can confidently meet the demands of their customer base and maximize their profit potential.
3. Dedicated Retailer Support Team
Our retailer support team is here to assist and guide our partners every step of the way. From initial inquiries to ongoing assistance, our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns retailers may have. We believe that success is a shared journey, and our dedicated support team is committed to helping our retailers thrive in their businesses.
4. Flexible Ordering and Fast Shipping
We understand the importance of efficiency in the retail industry. Our ordering process is designed to be flexible and convenient for our retailers. Our fast shipping ensures that products reach their customers promptly. This slimline approach allows our retailers to keep their customers satisfied.

What Popular Studies are saying...


Stillbirth Solution by ORO

At OROMED we have designed the ORO Baby Alarm that ensures expectant mothers sleep on their side. The unique feature provides safety by ensuring that when pregnant mothers are turning from one side to the other, they never end up sleeping on their backs for longer than a minute, enabling them to reduce Stillbirth by half and save babies' lives.

[ Testimonials ]

ORO MED Happy Clients Tell Their Story

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"Your designed bed is simply marvelous! I've never been so impressed with anything before. Thank you for your incredible inventiveness and skill!"
Mrs. Helen Malpas
"Discovering the ORO Bed Sleep System has been a true stroke of luck for me. As a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and Posture Specialist, I understand the significance of this innovative mattress design. With its recessed area for the arm/shoulder, my neck and shoulders feel more stable, allowing me to enjoy a full night's rest without discomfort. The pillow design perfectly supports my neck throughout the night, and the automated features ensure excellent back and neck support for reading in bed. I've experienced a remarkable improvement in the stability of my spine, and the ORO Bed has exceeded all expectations. I now recommend it enthusiastically to all my clients."
Rebecca Saindon, Director
Nashville Neuromuscular Centre, USA
"Thanks to the ORO Sleep mattress and adjustable ORO Bed, Ms. B, with Kyphoscoliosis and disabilities, now experiences improved comfort and reduced tension. Maintaining a stretched position for up to two hours, she benefits from the recessed area that eases shoulder pressure and encourages relaxation. The ORO Sleep system has positively impacted her sleep quality and overall well-being."
Julia Hancock, Head Occupational Therapist
Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust (NHS)
“By far the most comfortable and relaxing bed that I tried and been sleeping on.”
Mr W. V. L
“We have been enjoying sound refreshing sleep, giving us night-time relief of our otherwise disturbed and distressed asthmatic condition. We are indeed well pleased with our ORO bed and much appreciate the helpful and friendly. attention given to us.”
Mr & Mrs K.
“After careful consideration was a far superior bed in comparison with other makes – especially the massage facilities and the automated sleep adjustment. It is the most comfortable bed I have had for many years.”
Mrs. P.
West Sussex
[ Business ]

How do I reach out to customer support if I have inquiries?

The OroMed support team is available 24/7 by email at or by live chat accessible from the bottom right corner of this page.

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Retailers benefit from ordering one package per order, with hassle-free handling. Our trial offer includes a 100% money-back guarantee, free global delivery to 190 countries. We use PayPal for added security, ensuring a risk-free experience for expectant mothers trying the Baby Alarm.

Innovative Product Offerings

A forward-thinking retail business may introduce innovative product offerings and trends to the market. By partnering with such a business, retailers can stay ahead of competitors and attract customers with unique and trending products.

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