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OROMED Stillbirth Solution

How ORO Baby Alarm & Advanced Sleep System can help Mothers to halve the possibility of Stillbirths

Stillbirths and miscarriages are a tragedy for mothers and the whole family. Research suggests that out of one million pregnancies in the UK, 25% end up in babies’ death before they are born.

What Do Studies Say?

To identify the reasons behind this massive ill-fated rate, we did our research and found several studies discussing the reasons for stillbirths and miscarriages. While structuring the facts, we encountered a few risk factors for these occurrences.

For example, in a study in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the researchers interviewed 291 women who had experienced miscarriages and 733 women who had late stillbirths. The mothers who had miscarriages were interviewed after their babies died. On the other hand, mothers who had late stillbirths were interviewed during their pregnancy when the stillbirths occurred.

This detailed research suggested that mothers who went to sleep on their backs had at least twice the risk of miscarriages and stillbirths compared with mothers who went to sleep on their sides. Furthermore, it accurately stated that 3.7% of late stillbirths were linked with the supine (on-the-back) sleeping position.

study led by Professor Alex Hazell at the Tommy’s Stillbirth Research Centre in Manchester showed similar results, confirming a link between miscarriages and stillbirths with the supine (back) sleeping position.

Advanced studies show that women can halve these risks by sleeping on their sides in the supine position.

Helping with Stillbirths – the ORO Sleep System ORO Baby’s Alarm

Considering these facts, prompted us to do something about it. And we come with our latest invention, ORO Baby Alarm. That will help expectant mothers reduce these miss happenings and provide safety by ensuring when they are turning from their side on the way to the other side, never end up sleeping on their backs longer than a minute, enabling them to reduce stillbirth by half and save babies lives. 

When the expectant mother starts sleeping on her side, and then during the night, she turns onto her back sleeping position, that is when the mother will press on the Baby Alarm (heart), activating it; now there is a delay time of 25 seconds of silence. This delay gives the mother time to carrion turning to her other side without the baby crying, waking her and her husband. But if the mother is still on her back for longer than 25 seconds, the baby’s crying sound will play for 15 seconds and then stop. If the mother does not roll on her other side to release the sound module? i.e., if the Baby Alarm (heart) will remain compressed when she is on her back. In that case, there will be just 10 seconds of silence, and then 15 seconds of an increased volume of the baby’s crying sound will start. And if the mother remains in the back sleeping position, the vibration will start without delay for 10 seconds to wake her up and remind her to turn on her other safe side sleeping position. By combining the unique benefits of ORO Latex Mattress, ORO Automatically Adjustable Bed and ORO Baby Alarm System, we shall enable expectant mothers to reduce stillbirths and help save babies’ lives.

We are working passionately to help lower the risk of stillbirths and demonstrate how ORO Advanced Sleep System can help expectant mothers further reduce these risks.

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